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Volunteer Nursing Placements Overseas with Projects Abroad

Volunteer Nursing projects abroad

Volunteering as a nurse overseas not only provides you with valuable work experience to help further your career prospects, but also helps people who are really in need of additional support in poor and under-resourced medical institutions. You could be looking to get on a university course, or already training, taking a gap year or wanting an internship abroad.

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Whichever it is, you have a role to play in one of the many hospitals, clinics or care centres we work with. Projects Abroad will ensure you volunteer in a placement that best suits your experience and nursing interests.

Nursing Abroad as a Volunteer

Volunteer Nursing projects abroad

As a nursing volunteer, you will experience the huge differences in medical practices in your chosen country compared to what you see in the West. Facilities are often under-resourced due to lack of funding and they will often not have the modern equipment you are used to. Placements can sometimes suffer from a lack of staff or undertrained staff.

Due to a lack of funds to pay for medical care, patient cases may be in their advanced stages and you may witness some shocking medical conditions. What you will see though are highly dedicated and caring medical staff who do their very best in sometimes limited working conditions.

You will learn from experienced senior medical staff who will also supervise you throughout your placement. They will ensure you have a worthwhile time in their medical or care facility.

Elective Students

If you are planning to do a Nursing elective please go to our Nursing Elective Placements page.

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