About Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad has spent over 30 years helping our participants fulfil their potential and make the world a better place. 

In the days before the internet, smartphones and budget airlines, an English University Professor and some overseas colleagues had an idea: What if young people could become international volunteers? They could learn new skills and contribute to communities at the same time. That was over 30 years ago and we’ve never looked back.

While plenty of other companies have followed where we lead, we’re still the gold standard in international volunteering and internships. Every Project is built on our commitment to safetyhassle-free travel and making a real impact.

Projects Abroad is a social enterprise which means we employ a business model to tackle the world’s social and environmental challenges.

Our staff are in-country locals who we train and support, or ex-volunteers, who have been there, experienced the projects and seen what a difference they make.

Our plans for the future are big. We believe that meaningful travel provides a defining experience for young people as they move from adolescence into adulthood, and we know that our work transforms communities.


We’re making the world a better place, one participant at a time.

Our Mission

We’re here to provide the gold standard of support and safety, so our participants can fulfil their potential, discover themselves and create positive change in the world.

Our Values

Realising potential

We’re dedicated to helping our participants and staff discover what they’re capable of. We want to help you turn your passion for positive impact into real change in the world.

Transforming through travel

We want to empower people to explore the world, experience different cultures, and truly understand the specific issues in the places they visit. We know that this process changes individuals as well as the communities they travel to.

Building meaningful connections

We have learnt that real connections are at the heart of the experience, and when people with different backgrounds and skills come together, anything is possible.

Changing individuals and communities

Our model is one that works for our participants, as well as the communities we are in. We plan, monitor and evaluate all our projects in close consultation with local communities, conducting rigorous impact assessments as standard practice. This means that our participants can truly contribute while they learn and grow. All our projects add significant value to the environment, to local people and the organisations they support.

The Projects Abroad Group

Projects Abroad (UK) Ltd (Company Number: 02478906), Projects Abroad (Europe) Ltd (Company Number: 02738781) and Projects Abroad Travel Ltd (Company Number: 03746636) are all members of The Projects Abroad Group and are all companies registered in England. Our registered address is Telecom House, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6AF.

Our VAT number is 692978855.

Our UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) number is 10087984.

Our accreditations