A group of teenagers from the same school on a group volunteer trip to South Africa.

School & College Group Trips

Custom Volunteer Group Programmes for Students

Projects Abroad offers a wide variety of projects for School and College groups to join around the world. Our aim is to take the pressure off you by organising safe, rewarding, and enjoyable trips for 5-100 students. Groups not only gain invaluable experience that will look great on their CVs, but they’ll have the unique chance to contribute to a project where they make a real impact.

Projects Abroad has been specialising in arranging volunteer placements in countries around the world since it was founded in 1992. Over the last decade, we've increasingly focused on providing unique volunteering opportunities for groups of students so that they can have a worthwhile school trip that they'll never forget. These projects are bespoke to every group and can be tailored to fit in with any group’s curriculum or subject focus.

Watch this video to get an insight into the experience a group of educators had with their students in Jamaica:

Why choose Projects Abroad for your next School Trip?

Safe, hassle-free, and the chance to make a real impact. All of these factors are the reason are the reason Projects Abroad have been approached by an increasing number of schools and colleges looking to travel abroad. By joining us, your group becomes part of a global community working on meaningful projects.

We offer a wide range of volunteer trips which usually result in many school and college groups combining different elements into a single project. Your group could spend a week organising sports for school children in Ghana, and the next be building homes for the local community.

At Projects Abroad, we understand that every group will have their own aspirations for a project, so we offer you the chance to customise your placement, by: 

  • Choosing where you go
  • Deciding how long you want to travel for, and when you want to leave and return
  • Telling us your time frames, and we fit these in with the needs and requirements in our destination countries

Watch the video below to see what the Capel Manor College group learned about conservation in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest:

What's included?

For every single project, we'll provide you and your group with everything that you need to not only complete your project, but also to make preparing and planning for your project as easy as possible. To see the full list, please have a look at our How It Works page.

However, we understand that as a group travelling together, you may also have other needs or you might be looking to customise your project in one way or another. This is why we also provide the following for every Group trip that we run:

  • One free staff place for every nine students that travel
  • Weekend excursions, cultural activities and evening socials during your trip
  • Every trip is fully customisable with a bespoke itinerary to fit the needs of your group
  • Upon enquiry, we can send a comprehensive information pack
  • We’ll come and visit you to talk about the trip, before you’ve even signed up
  • We can present to the students and parents about all aspects of the trip and provide everyone with the opportunity to have all of their questions answered
  • All our group trips have a full risk assessment carried out
  • Projects Abroad will support you and the group from application to departure
  • You’ll also be supported 24/7 by your own Group Coordinator during your trip
  • We can give ideas on fundraising and advice on what the group should take with them on their trip
  • We can assist you with your flights and provide support and advice for any visas
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive induction and orientation by our staff in destination upon arrival
  • Every group also has the option of including a custom made Reflective Journal if they are looking to include more of an educational element to their trip

What do others have to say?

"The opportunity to learn about a world very different from their own, in a safe and supportive environment, is the hallmark of a Projects Abroad experience. This company offers a complete experience with impressive attention to detail from start to finish. The professionalism of the Projects Abroad staff, both in the field and at the head offices, is commendable, reliable and totally reassuring to both school administrators and parents as we coordinate these wonderful experiences for our students"

- Judy Ross, Director of External Studies, St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School

“Thank you to all of you, many times over! Looking back, it was an amazingly smooth trip - easier than we had any right to expect. I was able to confirm in person the level of training of the Projects Abroad people in the park, and their first aid and rescue qualifications are superlative; one of them has been a firefighter and at least one other had taken the advanced wilderness EMT course in the USA - this is what one would expect of high level search and rescue personnel in North America and certainly put my mind at rest regarding their standards of care in the case of a major problem. In short: it was a truly fantastic trip. I really can't imagine much that we would have changed, and the professionalism of Projects Abroad staff was a huge part of this. It's rare that I have felt so well cared for by the guides on any trip. They were all true experts in their respective fields, and we are in their debt for a superb experience.”

- Jean Humphries, Teacher from the Bishop Strachan Middle School

“Taricaya the reserve was great as was the entire project; all the students experienced all elements of the itinerary as promised! They are a phenomenal team with such a clear aim and cause being promoted for indigenous wildlife and in situ conservation. The project was well organised and had a good flow as all of our students were constantly occupied either conducting surveys, caring for the animals in the rehabilitation reserve or being lectured on conservation methods. The staff are incredible and accommodating. We were thrilled with it all and cannot wait to return to the Peruvian rainforest! Such a great, great experience!”

- Evangelos Achilleos, Teacher from Capel Manor College

Find Out More

If you want to find out more then be sure to have a look at the variety of projects and destinations that we currently offer. Otherwise, if you’d like to get in touch and receive a comprehensive information pack, be sure to contact us on 01273 007230 or email groups@projects-abroad.co.uk.

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