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Combination Trips

Combine your favourite trips to have a unique experience that suits you

Our Combination Trips allow you to choose more than one project or destination as part of your package. You can combine two different projects in one country, or join projects in multiple countries.

Want to travel the world and see new sights? Eager to participate in a whole range of different activities and learn new skills? Then a Combination Trip is right for you! It's also a cost effective way to travel as we provide discounts with combinations.

What are Combination Trips?

Combination Trips put multiple projects into a single package. You can combine different countries and different volunteer/intern projects. Our staff will advise you on the best options for you to get the experience you want.

You can combine our more structured trips – where you follow a set itinerary and dates – with our more flexible trips. This helps you get a taste of volunteering abroad and building your confidence and independence as you go.

There are two main types of combination:

Example of where extra weeks prices are shown on the website

1. In-Country Combination

Want to do two or more projects in the same country? Pay the full price for the more expensive project, and just the ‘extra weeks’ price for the additional projects. There are so many exciting activities in each destination. Make the most of your experience by learning a variety of skills and supporting multiple projects.

2. Multi-Country Combination

If you do projects in multiple destinations, you'll receive a £200 discount for every extra country you visit.

For example:

  • Visit Ghana and Nepal for a £200 discount
  • Visit Ghana, Nepal, and Peru for a £400 discount
  • Visit Ghana, Nepal, Peru, and Jamaica for a £600 discount

And so on.

This is perfect if you are travelling a long distance to your project. Once you've flown so far around the world, it's cost-effective to visit more places during the same trip, rather than flying back another time.

Want some inspiration?

Here are some of our most popular combinations and examples of how their prices are calculated:

Volunteer doing a giraffe survey

Popular In-Country Combinations

Giraffe & Lion Conservation + Volunteer with Children in Kenya

This is a fantastic combination for anyone joining us in Kenya. You're able to see the spectacular wilderness of Africa and contribute to vital animal research. At the same time, you will be able to support staff at our Maasai primary school and immerse yourself in the local culture and community. 

Price Example:

  • 3 weeks Conservation = £2,475
  • 3 'extra weeks' Volunteering with Children = 3 x £305

Total Price for 6 weeks = £3,390

Medical High School volunteers conducting a health check

Sea Turtle Conservation High School Special + Medical High School Special in Sri Lanka

High School Special trips allow younger volunteers to make an impact while travelling with others of a similar age. These run on fixed dates and some run consecutively so you can easily join multiple trips in a row. Support conservation efforts to protect the health of marine life, then shadow doctors at a hospital to gain medical skills!

Price Example:

  • 2 weeks Sea Turtle Conservation High School Special - £1,855
  • 2 'extra weeks' Medical High School Special - 2 x £355

Total Price for 4 weeks = £2,565

Popular Multi-country Combinations

A tour of Machu Picchu

Discovery Tour in Peru + Giant Tortoise and Sea Lion Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

Ready to explore the history and nature of South America? Join a Discovery Tour in Peru to be guided around the main historic and tourist sites of the country. Immerse yourself in local culture and marvel at beauty of Machu Picchu. A short flight will then take you to the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos. Support conservation efforts and help survey coastal habitats.

Price Example: 

  • 1 week Discovery Tour in Peru - £1,195
  • 4 weeks Conservation in the Galapagos Islands - £2,660

Total Price for 5 weeks = £3,655 (£200 discount applied)

Volunteers doing health checks at a school

Medical Internship in Nepal + Public Health Internship in Cambodia

If you have an interest in medicine, you can shadow doctors at hospitals in Nepal and then join medical outreach projects in Cambodia. You would gain hospital experience while also having hands-on work in disadvantaged communities that can't easily access medical facilities. In your spare time, you can explore temples, hike in the Himalayas, and journey through jungles! Discover two unique and incredible cultures.

Price Example:

  • 3 weeks Medicine in Nepal - £1,505
  • 3 weeks Public Health in Cambodia - £2,055

Total Price for 6 weeks = £3360 (£200 discount applied)

Is a Combined Trip right for me?

Our Combined Trips are for any volunteers who want to do more than one project or see more than one country. There are so many different ways to make an impact!

If you’re planning a longer trip, or simply want to try different things to find your passion, this type of trip will suit you.

If you’re interested in our Combined Trips, read our full list of trip types here so you can choose your favourite combinations. All of our projects and trips can be combined with each other to create the perfect journey for you.

Our staff’s expert knowledge is incredibly valuable when it comes to planning a longer or more varied trip. Even if you want to take on something ambitious, you’ll know you’re in a safe, supported environment. Contact us for support planning your trip.

Global Gap Semester Trips

If you're wanting to take a long break and visit multiple countries in a region, then our Global Gap Semester Trips are perfect for you! These are pre-arranged itineraries taking you to multiple destinations and experiencing various types of projects. You will be part of a group of like-minded individuals getting to experience some of our most popular projects and destinations over a few months. 

If you are planning an even longer trip, or gap year, then check out our Global Gap Year Abroad trip. Each year we take a group of volunteers all around the world! 

These group trips offer a wide range of projects and destinations at a cheaper price than other combination trips.


Can't find what you're looking for? 

We’d be happy to talk about customising a trip for you. Most of our staff have been travelled with Projects Abroad themselves, so they’re well placed to answer your questions, big or small.

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