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Work with all kinds of animals

Volunteer with Animals Abroad

Animal volunteering abroad: From Sea Lions in the Galapagos to Rehabilitating Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

Our animal volunteer opportunities abroad allow you to work with animals of all shapes and sizes across the world. These projects all provide hands-on experience caring for wildlife.

Volunteering with Animals Abroad

You'll see an incredible range of species and environments when you volunteer with Projects Abroad. Travel deep into the Amazon Rainforest and explore tropical islands.

You'll feed, observe and care for wildlife when you volunteer with animals abroad. Support and learn from professional environmentalists and scientists, as well as people from the local community.

We offer safe, ethical, and sustainable international animal volunteer opportunities, and you’ll always be aware of the impact of your work

Animal Care Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Animal Rehab in the Amazon

Animal Rehab in the Amazon Rainforest - Peru

Volunteer with animals abroad in the Amazon Rainforest. Live and work in a remote animal sanctuary and reserve. Feed, rehabilitate, release and observe rare wildlife. Help hatch river turtles and maintain enclosures.

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles in Mexico

Become an animal welfare volunteer abroad! Work with endangered Sea Turtles and help with coastal conservation efforts. Patrol beaches, collect eggs, help hatchlings reach the sea and rehabilitate injured turtles back to health.

Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise and Sea Lions in the Galapagos Islands

Voluntary work with animals abroad has returned to the most famous location for biologists. Help protect the unique ecosystem that Darwin once studied. 

Howler Monkey

Howler Monkey Rehabilitation in Argentina

Help rehabilitate Howler Monkeys and other animals rescued from illegal animal trade. Live at a remote animal sanctuary with llamas, pumas and many more! Join animal volunteering abroad with an impact. 

Greater one-horned rhinos in Nepal

Rhino Conservation in Nepal

Spot and help protect the habitat of the greater one-horned rhino. Live and work in the dense and mysterious community forests of Chitwan National Park. Work with expert conservationists to improve the lives of humans and animals, including these powerful but vulnerable creatures.

Care for dogs and other animals

Animal Care and Dog Shelters in Argentina

Gain the skills and clinical experience to turn your passion for volunteering abroad with animals into a career. Support vets as they treat domestic, farm and wild animals. Provide love and care for stray dogs at a number of dog shelters too!

We’re here to help you choose the right voluntary work with animals abroad.

Read about our best animal volunteer opportunities abroad to get an idea of which Project would work best for you. 

If you are looking for fieldwork, research or working with animals in the wild, check out our Wildlife Conservation Projects. If your interests draw you more to ocean depths, check out our Marine Conservation Projects. We have internships available too if you are looking for a career in Veterinary Medicine.

Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Projects Abroad is actively supporting efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our Animal Care Projects aim to make progress with Goal 15 - Life on Land. We strive to protect, restore and promote ecosystems through:

  • Conservation and reforestation projects - planting coral, trees and mangroves.
  • Working with local communities to adapt their use of natural resources.
  • Raising awareness about the impact of humans on wildlife.  

A key part of this goal is to halt biodiversity loss. Animal volunteering abroad helps to protect the most vulnerable species. Protection, rehabilitation and release of animals can contribute to saving at-risk species and to protect the fragile habitats they live in.

Our Ethical Approach to Volunteering Abroad with Animals

We’re immensely proud of the work done by our Animal Care Volunteers. You can read about their efforts (and the efforts of all our other animal volunteer opportunities abroad) on Our Impact page

Our voluntary work with animals abroad is guided by our Animal Welfare Policy. We also collate all information collected by volunteers on our Global Impact Database. Through these guidelines, we can do more for animals and environments in need.

International Animal Volunteer Opportunities:

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Projects Abroad Conservation volunteers build an eco-wall using recycled plastic in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
Giant Tortoise & Sea Lion Conservation in the Galapagos Islands
See this project
  • Price: £1,645 for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: £280
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Age: 16 or over
Students release turtles for their conservation volunteering in Mexico.
Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico
See this project
  • Price: £1,370 for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: £230
  • Start Date: June to September
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Age: 16 or over
Volunteers work with sea turtles in Mexico on a project for teenagers
Conservation Volunteer Work in Mexico for Teenagers
See this project
  • Price: £1,605 for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: £330
  • Start Date: During school holidays
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Age: 15-18
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