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Veterinary Medicine Internship in Sri Lanka

Gain veterinary medicine work experience to boost your CV and pursue your passion for animal care
Community Volunteer Work in Fiji

Learn about Fijian life and culture by immersing yourself in daily village life
Ethical Coffee and Chocolate Production Trip in Costa Rica

Learn about the ethical production of coffee and chocolate on a week-long tour through Costa Rica
Animal Rehab in the Amazon Rainforest – Peru

Live in the Amazon Rainforest and help with vital conservation work
Veterinary Medicine Internship in Ghana

Gain veterinary medicine work experience while treating farm or domestic animals alongside qualified vets in Ghana
Cuddling Cubs – Discover The Darker Side Of Big Cat “Conservation”

A few years ago while on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa I had what I considered the privilege of petting a young cheetah. I remember being led into the enclosure by the handler, slowly crouching down and running my fingers through its spotted coat. It was an exhilarating feel
Khmer Cultural Project in Cambodia for Volunteers over 50

Immerse yourself in the Khmer culture while learning about Cambodian history with a group your own age
Ethical Wine and Culture Trip in South Africa

Learn about the wine industry in South Africa on a week-long wine tour in Stellenbosch.
Food Tour in Cambodia

Learn about the historical influences on food as you taste your way through Cambodia.
Veterinary Medicine and Animal Internships Abroad

Put your passion for animals to practical use in the developing world

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