Volunteers scuba dive during our Shark Conservation Project in Fiji for high school students

Volunteer Shark Conservation in Fiji for Teenagers

Help protect endangered sharks, earn a diving qualification, and make new friends from all over the world

At a glance

  • In Fiji, you’ll learn from leading shark researchers and other conservation experts working to protect endangered marine species.
  • Help conduct surveys of different species.
  • You will gain a sought-after PADI diving certification and build your teamwork skills.
  • Volunteer Service Hours: 15
  • Download an itinerary for this project.

Start Dates: 

During school holidays

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Minimum Duration: 

Two Weeks


You should be able to swim at least 200 metres.

Is volunteer Shark Conservation in Fiji for high school students right for me?

If you enjoy spending time in the ocean and dream of island living, you’re cut out to be a volunteer on our Shark Conservation High School Special in Fiji. This project is open to adventurous teens from all corners of the globe who are passionate about protecting oceans.


Volunteer shark conservation work in Fiji for high school students will give you loads of opportunities to learn important life skills, like working closely with a team. Talk about your experience in interviews or applications, and show your ability to commit to a good cause. It will give your CV an extra edge.


You don’t require any prior experience or training. During your first week, you’ll earn your PADI Open Water certification. If you already have this, you’ll move on to an Advanced Open Water course. Our diving instructors will be with you throughout training and during each dive to ensure safety.

A group of Projects Abroad volunteers prepare for helping with shark conservation in Fiji for high school students

What will I be doing on the project?

During your first week on the project, you focus on your diving course. By the second week, you’ll be in the water and can start doing research.


Let’s take a look at a few of the specific things you’ll do:


  • Complete your PADI Open Water Diving qualification
  • Conduct survey dives to do important research
  • Help with beach clean-ups and get muddy planting mangroves
  • Expand your horizons by experiencing Fiji and its culture

High school students volunteering with sharks in Fiji will focus on the following areas:


Learn to dive and get a PADI Open Water qualification


The first part of the project will focus entirely on getting you comfortable in the water. Those who have no diving experience will do a PADI Open Water course. If you already have that qualification, you’ll level up to Advanced Open Water.


PADI diving certifications don’t have an expiration date, so this qualification will enable you to explore underwater worlds for many years to come! Once you’ve completed your PADI training, you’ll also take part in a Shark Conservation Diver Course.


Survey dives


You’ll be conducting survey dives in different areas of Beqa Lagoon which will include a shark dive under supervision of qualified Dive Masters. You’ll be collecting important data that will be part of our global shark research.


Shore-based activities


On the tamer side of things, you will help us do beach clean-ups. Local children will join you, making it a great opportunity to talk to them about ocean conservation and share why it’s important.


You will also help plant mangroves. Mangroves provide homes to many species of plants and animals. They also play a protective role for communities and vulnerable coastlines by preventing soil erosion and providing cover from extreme weather. Mangrove reforestation plays an important role in our overall conservation efforts in Fiji.


In 2017, high school volunteers planted approximately 2,500 mangrove propagules in the Projects Abroad nursery!


Experiencing Fiji and its culture


During your two week program, you will also have plenty of opportunities to socialise with your fellow volunteers, make new friends, and experience island life.


Staff members will be present to supervise and guide all these activities to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the programme.  

Who are our partners?

Our partner dive organisation, Beqa Adventure Divers, are at the forefront of shark protection in Fiji.  Their safety record on shark dives is 100%. There have been no shark related accidents or injuries to any divers on their shark dive trips.

We also work closely with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) who help all our volunteers get their diving qualifications.

Finally, the WWF also supports our work through various research projects. WWF Global Shark Programme Manager, Ian Campbell, has described our Shark Conservation project in Fiji as “the most important shark conservation project in the world.”

Where will I be working in Fiji?

Pacific Harbour

This part of the island is renowned for its 80 km stretch of pure white sand and cobalt oceans. With water-based activities being central to this project, you will have ample opportunity to explore the magnificent natural beauty.

Importantly, you will also be playing an important role in preserving beaches through cleanups and mangrove reforestation.

During your stay, you will be sharing same-sex dormitories with your fellow volunteers.

Airport pickup, flights and visas

When you arrive at your respective airport, a member of Projects Abroad staff will be there to meet you. You can find more detailed information on arrival airports, orientation, and visas on our Fiji Arrival Procedures page.

What are the aims and impact of this project?

The main aim of the the Shark Conservation Project in Fiji is to help generate accurate scientific data. This is used to increase shark awareness among the local communities and the general public.

We started our Shark Conservation Project in Fiji in January 2014 in response to the declining shark population in this area. The Fijian government has identified shark protection as a top conservation priority. Although marine protected areas have been set up to address the decline in shark numbers, the population continues to decrease.

We also collaborate with the Mangroves for Fiji initiative to replant seedlings and ensure a healthy and sustainable mangrove forest around Pacific Harbour region.

Mangrove forests are a natural barrier for protecting the coastline against erosion, sea level changes, storm surges and tsunamis. They also support coral reef systems by providing nutrients and serve as a nursery for numerous marine species.

Apart from helping the environment, this project is also a great way for you to expand your horizons and your skill set. You will leave with a better understanding of conservation, insight into a different culture and friends from all over the world.

Interesting facts about conservation volunteering in Fiji with projects abroad

Management plans

We set out the aims and objectives of our projects in documents called Management Plans. We use them to properly plan the work you’ll do. They also help us measure and evaluate our achievements and impact each year.

Ultimately, our Management Plans help us make our projects better. This in turn means you get to be part of something that makes a real impact where it’s needed. Read more about our Management Plans.

Measuring our impact

Every year, thousands of High School Special volunteers and interns actively make a difference around the world. During their time abroad, they contribute towards achieving long-term goals and make a long-lasting positive impact on the communities where they work.

We produce an annual High School Specials Impact Report, which documents some of these achievements. Find out more about the impact of these projects, and read the latest report.

Food and accommodation

You'll share accommodation with other Projects Abroad volunteers during your stay in Pacific Harbour. This is a great way to get to know your fellow volunteers, share experiences, and explore your surroundings in your time together.


On our High School Specials, we will always try to have you share a room with at least one volunteer or intern of the same gender and approximate age. Your room will be modest, but comfortable, clean, and safe.


Your programme fees include three meals a day.


Find out more about our accommodation.

Safety and staff support

Your safety and security is our prime concern. We have many procedures and systems to ensure you have all the extra support you need as a young person travelling abroad. Our Projects Abroad staff are there for you 24 hours a day during the week and over weekends to provide constant support and guidance. Our staff also make sure you feel comfortable and safe at your placement and accommodation. If you encounter any problems, they will be available to help at any time.

Find out more about safety and backup.

This placement is fully researched, safety audited, and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector.

When you apply you only pay £195, which comes off the total price. Flexible payment options, fundraising advice, and scholarships available.

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