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Volunteering abroad as an Older Volunteer

An older Conservation volunteer in San Cristobal, Galapagos

Projects Abroad places a great deal of value on our older volunteers, for with age comes a mixture of experience, skills and patience that younger volunteers simply cannot offer. Some of our most successful placements have involved older volunteers who are volunteering in a role they have many years of experience in, such as Helen, who wanted to test her Journalism skills in the new setting of Mongolia. She ended up working as the editor of weekly newspaper the UB Post!

Qualified medical professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Dentists are also incredibly popular with our partner organisations, because they can really help relieve the heavy workloads in overcrowded clinics and hospitals. So if you want to put your skills into practice against a new and exciting backdrop then we would love to have you aboard! Please follow this link to our Medicine & Healthcare Projects

Voluntary Projects for Retired Volunteers

Recent years have witnessed a massive growth in the amount of retired volunteers being sent out to Projects Abroad destinations. Older volunteers often tend to favour the more altruistic projects, such as Teaching and Care, which is fantastic because these are generally the areas where there is the most need, but if you fall into this category and fancy something different, why not try one of our Archaeology or Nomad Projects? Of course you would be very welcome on any of our projects, in any of our destinations, and, with Projects Abroad you get to choose your start date and your project length.

Meet two of our Older Volunteers

Older volunteers on the Teaching placement in Mexico"We taught English to secondary school pupils in Guadalajara, Mexico. All lessons incorporated humour, with serious topics interspersed with questions derived from "The Simpsons" or Mexican soap operas which were unavoidable in the house where we lived! We were humbled by the non-materialistic and compassionate nature of the kids, our host-families and many others we met. A huge benefit of volunteering is escaping from everyday responsibilities and routines, so that which is truly important is given a chance to emerge. This had such an impact on us that within two months of our return we have sold up and moved to a brighter situation 200 miles away!"

Hector & Violet Christie
Teaching in Mexico

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