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Volunteer in an Orphanage Abroad

Projects Abroad Care volunteers play with children at an orphanage in Tanzania

Looking to take part in orphanage volunteering work overseas? Projects Abroad have partnered with several orphanages in developing countries around the world.

While volunteering at an orphanage, your role will be to assist the local staff and primary caregivers in their work. This may include helping with the daily running of the orphanage; for example, preparing meals, doing laundry and maintaining the vegetable garden. You will also organise fun and educational activities for the children, working towards our long-term goals of improved numeracy, literacy and hygiene skills, for example. Volunteers may also have the chance to take part in much-needed basic renovation work, such as painting or building a fence.

Ultimately, you are there to provide important educational and emotional support to these children.

Our policy towards orphanage work

Projects Abroad take the safety of our volunteers and the children we work with very seriously. We have a clear Child Protection Policy in place which is strictly followed by all volunteers and staff.

The orphanages are also vetted to ensure that they are legitimate and fill a real need in the community. We ensure that we only work with placements where there is an opportunity for volunteers to take part in worthwhile work while contributing towards long-term goals.

Our innovative Care Management Plans ensure that each programme has a clear purpose so that volunteers can then work towards achieving these goals. We have also invested in a Care Database where we log and track the development of each child at our projects, to ensure each child is progressing and that future volunteers continue where the previous volunteer left off.

Other volunteer opportunities with children

Many people think that orphanage work is the only kind of volunteer work that involves spending time with children. However, there are a number of other places which provide care for children, and need extra assistance.

We work with a huge number of day cares, special needs centres, schools and community centres, where children spend time while their parents work. These are an excellent opportunity to get involved and share your skills, supporting local staff and lend a helping hand to those most in need.

See our full range of Care placements

Can I really make a difference if I only volunteer for a short amount of time?

We always encourage our volunteers to stay for as long as they can, to make the greatest impact possible and get the most out of their time. However, we realise this isn’t always possible.

Because we have put in place Care Management Plans and overall development goals for each placement, the work you do is structured so that each task you do works towards the bigger picture. The work you do as a short-term volunteer makes a valuable contribution towards achieving these long term goals, no matter how many weeks you stay for. Furthermore, each person continually builds on the work that was done by previous volunteers and ultimately, we achieve massive progress together.

For an example of the progress that can be made in a short space of time, take a look at our High School Specials impact report, which showcases the achievements of the 16-19 year olds who join us for two weeks.

Where can I volunteer in an orphanage?

General Care placements can be done in all of the destinations that we work in. Please see below for the countries where you can take part in orphanage volunteer work.

Orphanage projects available in:

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