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Barrier Reef Conservation in Belize

Get a PADI diving certification and work with conservationists to protect marine life in the Belize Barrier Reef
Review: Care & Community in Nepal by Beth S

When my children were in secondary school, they were lucky enough to have volunteer travel opportunities with Projects Abroad, and I have always been just a little bit jealous of their experiences. When my youngest child left for university, I decided that my time was now and bec
Talibé Children In Senegal

The town of Saint Louis in northern Senegal has many charms and attracts a number of tourists throughout the year. But spend any length of time there and you’ll likely find yourself approached by young boys asking for money. These young street children are known a
Review: Sea Turtle & Coastal Conservation in Mexico by Rosanna H

Why I decided to volunteer in MexicoLast year we had to choose modules for our second year at university. When I saw the opportunity to go on a month’s placement I jumped at the chance. I looked into the different countries and placements for quite a while but all along I alway
Food Tour in Vietnam

Find out how Vietnam’s history influenced the flavours and fragrances of popular local dishes.
Discovery Tour in Vietnam

Explore Vietnam as you dive into the country’s history, fragrant food and scenic wonders like Ha Long Bay.
Best Animal Volunteer Projects Abroad

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night on a wildlife reserve in Africa and hearing a lion’s mighty roar. Picture yourself walking barely-trodden footpaths in the Amazon Rainforest as you track a family of rehabilitated spider monkeys. Can you feel the warm sun on your
6 Things to Expect When Travelling to South Africa

If you’re planning on travelling to South Africa, the first thing we have to say to you is “Molo!” (“hello” in Xhosa, one of the eleven official languages spoken here). Travelling to a country for the first time can be a leap into the unknown, and we
Rainforest Conservation & Community Work in Madagascar for Teens

Live in a local village and help protect rainforest species and do community work
Review: Childcare in Nepal Bespoke Group Trip by Amy B

I volunteered in Nepal for two weeks, as part of Anglia Guides group, in the summer of 2014 and it is easy to say that it was the most diverse, exciting and tiring weeks of my life. After two flights, security screenings and interrupted sleep, we arrived in Nepal. The airport was

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