ASDAN volunteer recieves a gift from the schoolchildren at her placement in Sri Lanka.

Earn UCAS points through ASDAN

How to gain UCAS points through volunteering abroad

During your work on our amazing projects you can now gain UCAS points through an ASDAN qualification. This can contribute towards your university application. Gaining UCAS points through ASDAN with Projects Abroad as a registered centre will help to boost your points. It also adds another dimension to your application with volunteering experience helping you to stand out from the crowd and secure your university place.

Whether you’re working with young school children in Ghana or releasing sea turtle hatchlings on the shores of Mexico, all of our projects can earn you some extra UCAS points.

How does it work?

Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness or Award of Personal Effectiveness, for example, you can earn up to 16 UCAS points. 

We offer two different routes for ASDAN students; you can either choose to have a Projects Abroad ASDAN tutor who will extensively guide and support you through qualification. This includes guidance before, during and after your trip.

Alternatively, you can source your own tutor for completing the qualification through our “unassisted” route. This could be your school or college teacher who takes on the role of your ASDAN tutor. Both the “assisted” and “unassisted” routes include internal moderation by two members of Projects Abroad ASDAN support team.

All of our volunteering programmes are now fully accredited with the following qualifications and programmes:

1. Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)

UCAS Points: 16

Qualification Level: 3

Total hours involved: 150

Price: £375 (assisted) or £95 (unassisted)

2. Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE)

UCAS Points: 8

Qualification Level: 3

Total hours involved: 80

Price: £350 (assisted) or £90 (unassisted)

3. Universities Award

UCAS Points: N/A

Referred to as a: Programme (receive a certificate at the end)

Total hours involved: 120

Price: £45


  • When referring to “total hours involved” this is not volunteer hours. Hours are made up of different activities done to complete the modules, which can be before, during and after the trip.
  • The minimum project duration is 2 weeks to participate for any of the qualifications/programmes.

How to get more UCAS points through volunteering

It’s no secret; when applying for summer jobs or for a place at university, your application needs to be of exceptional quality. It is more important than ever to be able to draw on your own experiences in interviews.

Volunteering abroad, in this way, can improve your confidence, build your work skills, help you gain knowledge on a new subject, and provide you with the chance to travel. More importantly, you can also make a big difference to the lives of the people you volunteer to help. Even a small commitment can have a lasting effect on an organisation and the people it represents.

As a fully accredited centre for offering ASDAN short courses, Projects Abroad now offers to help you build the skills you need.

How do students complete the ASDAN CoPE/AoPE Level 3?

Much of the work needed to complete each respective award involves building a portfolio of evidence to show how you have practised and developed the necessary skills, while completing a selection of activities from a student book.

If you choose to have a Projects Abroad ASDAN tutor then we will guide you through everything you need to do to complete your portfolio ready for submission to ASDAN.

The CoPE and AoPE Level 3 qualifications are not graded portfolios, but simply a pass or fail qualification.

If the Universities Award doesn’t offer UCAS points, what’s the point?

The Universities Award accredits a range of activities including volunteering through an activity-based curriculum. It can enhance the career paths and UCAS applications of post-16 student of all abilities, supporting progression to higher education or employment. This award is a UCAS recognised award, which results in a Universities Award certificate.

What should I consider?

A number of universities and other higher education institutions allow CoPE andAoPE level 3 qualifications to contribute to entry requirements for a range of courses, alongside other level 3 qualifications. You should check with the department offering the course that they will consider CoPE/AoPE as part of your application. Not every University will, so you’ll need to double check this with them.

Please mention ASDAN in your initial enquiry when you contact us so you are directed to our dedicated ASDAN support team.

What we offer

With numerous options to choose from, our projects are varied, packed with adventure, and cultural awareness to ensure students have an enriching learning experience and head home with a wealth of new experiences, friends and memories, which will ultimately influence their futures. Projects Abroad is on hand to support and guide you through your ASDAN qualification.

Want to know more? 

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