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Volunteer in Africa

Volunteer on one of the most vibrant continents in the world - teach English to school children in Ethiopia, Senegal or Morocco, work on a human rights project in Tanzania, Ghana or Togo, do conservation work in Madagascar, South Africa or Kenya. Select from our huge variety of projects here.

Volunteer in Asia

With the religions and cultures as diverse as the landscapes, Asia is the perfect place to volunteer. Work in a hospital in Nepal, do a business placement in China, live with a Nomadic family in Mongolia, Teaching in Myanmar (Burma), participate on a marine conservation project in Thailand, teach English in the Philippines or in Bangladesh or IT in Sri Lanka or work with children in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. The opportunities are endless!

Volunteer in South Pacific

Join a teaching or care project on the stunning islands of Fiji or Samoa.

Volunteer in Europe

Learn about the fascinating history and cultures of our European neighbours. Participate on archaeological digs, work for a local newspaper, or coach sport in Romania. You can also provide valuable assistance to refugees and migrants in Italy.

Volunteer in Latin America & the Caribbean

From the paradise islands of Jamaica or the Galapagos in Ecuador to the Peruvian Andes or jungles of Costa Rica, Latin America offers something for everyone. We have a wide variety of projects on offer including; learning about the Incas in Peru, working in hospitals in Mexico, teaching in Universities in Bolivia, learn Spanish in Argentina or taking care of children in Belize.

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