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Projects Abroad Travel

Projects Abroad Travel

Flights to and from your destination

We strongly recommend you to buy your flights from Projects Abroad Travel:

  • We use safe and reliable scheduled airlines.
  • We get you changeable tickets.
  • We arrange transfers automatically.
  • We make sure you’re kept up-to-date with any timetable changes, overnight stops, baggage allowances, and time-zone and date-changes.
  • If possible, we put you on the same flight as at least one other volunteer

We are fast and efficient.


See Prices.

Onward flights to other places or round the world.

Maybe Projects Abroad for you is only one part of a mega-trip. Are you planning to travel on to Australia after South America or India? Are you going to the US or Canada after Mexico? Whatever your plan, we can probably help.

We would be happy to book your onward flights and bring you home by your chosen route.


See Prices.

Call us on:
01903­ 708 300

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