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Conservation & Environment Short-term Specials

Volunteer Conservation & Environment

Volunteers on Projects Abroad’s Conservation Short-term Special projects work together to help protect endangered wildlife and preserve vital ecosystems. Whether it's taking part in survey dives and wildlife monitoring, or assisting with reforestation efforts and beach clean-ups, your work will contribute to important scientific research and conservation initiatives taking place at our projects around the globe.

No matter if you're interested in marine life or prefer to remain on dry land, there's a Conservation option to suit you! Each of our projects has a different focus, and tasks will vary depending on the placement you choose. Activities range from studies of a specific species to general maintenance work and promoting awareness around environmental issues in the local community. During your time off, you'll get to take part in social events, exciting weekend trips and cultural activities.

These Short-term Special projects are designed specifically for volunteers aged 16 to 19 and run on fixed dates. Travel and meet new people, explore a different culture, and help to make a positive impact where it's needed the most!

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